NHL Commissioner Won't Debate Lemieux, Comfortable With Discipline GivenA week ago, the Pittsburgh Penguins and New York Islanders took the ice in a fight-filled game. Mario Lemieux bashed the NHL for the way it handled the excessive fights. The commissioner would rather let it go than debate over the discipline.
Mario Lemieux Says NHL Failed With Handeling Of Brawl AftermathFriday night the Pittsburgh Penguins faced the New York Islanders. Saying the game was more physical than average does no justice to what happened. There were 346 penalty minutes, several ejections, and fight after fight. Penguins owner Mario Lemieux blasted the NHL for how they handled the situation.
UPDATED: Rain Delays NHL's Winter ClassicThe Wrigley Field Winter Classic raised the profile of the NHL's New Years' day event. This year pits two of the league's biggest names, but rain has delayed the start until 8PM Eastern Time.

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