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AP: Justice Department Will Meet With BCS

The college football world continues to be filled with controversy. Earlier this week it was Jim Tressel and Terrelle Pryor, now the Justice Department is taking aim at the BCS.

CBS Chicago–06/02/2011

Mark Emmert

NCAA President Wants Tougher Punishment For Violations

NCAA president Mark Emmert wants to take a tougher stance against NCAA rule breakers.

CBS Chicago–05/11/2011

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Justice Department Asks ‘Serious Questions’ About BCS

The Justice Department wants to know why the NCAA doesn’t have a college football playoff system and says there are “serious questions” about whether the current format to determine a national champion complies with antitrust laws.

CBS Chicago–05/05/2011

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NCAA Puts Three-Year Moratorium On New Bowl Games

The NCAA has created a new task force to look at the criteria and process for licensing Division I bowls and will place a three-year moratorium on new bowls.

CBS Chicago–04/28/2011

Mark Emmert

Muller: NCAA Admits Change Is Needed. Will They Follow Through?

Oh boy. The NCAA is giving me a migraine headache…and I don’t even get migraines.


New NCAA President favors tougher punishment for rule-breakers

INDIANAPOLIS — Incoming NCAA President Mark Emmert wants to get tough on rule-breakers. He also wants the governing body to get cozier with pro sports leagues and players’ unions. Sound like a strange combination? Emmert […]