Mark Emmert

Mark Emmert

NCAA President Wants Tougher Punishment For Violations

NCAA president Mark Emmert wants to take a tougher stance against NCAA rule breakers.

CBS Chicago–05/11/2011

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Justice Department Asks ‘Serious Questions’ About BCS

The Justice Department wants to know why the NCAA doesn’t have a college football playoff system and says there are “serious questions” about whether the current format to determine a national champion complies with antitrust laws.

CBS Chicago–05/05/2011

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NCAA Puts Three-Year Moratorium On New Bowl Games

The NCAA has created a new task force to look at the criteria and process for licensing Division I bowls and will place a three-year moratorium on new bowls.

CBS Chicago–04/28/2011

Mark Emmert

Muller: NCAA Admits Change Is Needed. Will They Follow Through?

Oh boy. The NCAA is giving me a migraine headache…and I don’t even get migraines.


New NCAA President favors tougher punishment for rule-breakers

INDIANAPOLIS — Incoming NCAA President Mark Emmert wants to get tough on rule-breakers. He also wants the governing body to get cozier with pro sports leagues and players’ unions. Sound like a strange combination? Emmert […]