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One Chicago-area grocer was selling meat past the "sell-by" date on packages. (CBS)

2 Investigators: Meat Kept On Shelf Past ‘Sell-By’ Dates

The meat products were sold at Cermak Fresh Market in Naperville, after the sell-by dates had expired. Store officials concede several pieces the 2 Investigators were able to buy should have been thrown out.



Best Butcher Shops In Chicago

It’s summertime, and summertime means grilling out. Once you’ve checked to make sure the grill gas tank is full or that there’s charcoal, it’s time to go out and find a nice piece of meat to grill up. Whether you’re having a group of people over, impressing your sweetheart with your grilling skills, or treating yourself, there are a few places in Chicago that will help you find that perfect steak and maybe even give you a little extra advice on the perfect way to cook it.



Nutrition Labels On Meat Coming Soon

What’s for dinner? Soon, you’ll have a better idea. New labels will be showing up on the meat, chicken and pork you buy. CBS 2′s Vince Gerasole reports on how they could help consumers make smarter choices at the grocery store.

CBS 2–12/29/2010