Field Museum To Study Meteorite From Michigan After Tuesday's FireballPhilip Heck, the Field Museum’s Pritzker Associate Curator for Meteorites and Polar studies, said he's really excited to get his hands on the rock.
Fireball Lights Up Night Sky As Meteor Spotted Across The MidwestThe meteor flashed across the sky around 7 p.m. Chicago time.
Meteor Streaks Across Night Sky Above Chicago, Lands In Lake MichiganThe meteor would have exploded about 10 miles above the ground, and was traveling at least 20 kilometers per second, or about 45,000 miles per hour, according to American Meteor Society operations manager Mike Hankey.
Suburban Man Snaps Photo of Midwest MeteorA scientific organization that observes and documents meteor sightings in the U-S has received more than 650 reports from at least nine states, including Illinois, about the “fireball” that streaked across the sky early Thursday morning.
Siberian Meteor Fragments Land At Field MuseumThe Field Museum has hundreds of new meteorite fragments in its collection thanks to a retired lake forest health care executive who's second career seems to be chasing visitors from outer space, reports WBBM’s John Cody .
Stargazers Spot Meteor Streaking Across Chicago Area SkiesSeveral people in the Chicago area spotted a meteor streaking across the sky Wednesday night.

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