Debris like this could be remnants of a meth lab. (Credit: Indiana State Police)

Public Warned To Avoid Trash That May Contain Meth Chemicals

Walkers, joggers are bikers in Indiana are being warned that any trash they find may be contaminated with chemicals used to manufacture methamphetamine.


If you get the flu, ask these guys for help. (Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Horrible Horoscopes: Pisces

I know, I know… You feel confident your grandmother’s remedies will keep you healthy and–if you do get sick–bring you back to full health. Sometimes though, frogs legs, witch’s tongue, brown M&Ms mixed with yellow Skittles, happy thoughts, chicken soup, Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, Mitt Romney’s concession speech on repeat, Tumblr, puppies, medicine from a doctor who works out of the Wendy’s drive-thru window (honestly, he’s suspect, but his burgers are great), Game of Thrones, killing the Highlander, fruits and veggies (especially), and love just can’t heal you. Especially if you have the fly.


Edgardo Rodriguez-Sanchez, 20, and Jesus Rubio, 25, have been charged with transporting meth. (DuPage County Sheriff's Office)

Naperville Meth Trafficking Suspects Held On $1M Bond

Two Iowa men accused of transporting nearly 10,000 grams of methamphetamine through DuPage County were ordered held on $1 million cash bond Wednesday.


I miss Bernie my St. Bernard. Kim K. stole him cause she's rich & powerful & cooler than me :( (Credit: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Horrible Horoscopes: Virgo

Mason Johnson knows nothing about horoscopes or astrology. Seriously. When he was six, his mom thought it was funny to make him stick his head out the car window and scream, “What’s your sign?” at women walking by. That is the extent of his experience. Also, Mason is an Aquarius… ladies.


Two rocks of crystal meth (Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Prison Officers Across Indiana Arrested On Meth Charges

A federal indictment says 40 people are facing charges in connection to a methamphetamine ring that was run from an Indiana prison with the help of corrections officers.


Robin Ventura. (Photo by John Gress/Getty Images)

Spiegel’s Docket: Ventura, LBJ And Much More

So much to jam in to our four-hour bag on a glorious Friday in the city.

670 The Score–06/08/2012

Two rocks of crystal meth (Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Police: Cold Medication Registry Hasn’t Helped Stop Meth Production

In Indiana, efforts have been unproductive so far in tracking the sale of cold medications that could be used for illicit drugs.

CBS Chicago–02/06/2012

Indiana Sheriff/Police (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

3-Year-Old Girl Hospitalized After Drinking Suspected Meth Liquid

Authorities say a 3-year-old girl was seriously injured by drinking liquid from a suspected methamphetamine cooking operation at a northern Indiana home.


(Credit: Chicago Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration)

New Law Would Crack Down On Repeat Meth Offenders

A bill now on the desk of Gov. Pat Quinn would institute a stiff crackdown on repeat methamphetamine offenders.

CBS Chicago–06/01/2011


Pair Charged With Trying To Make Meth At Home

Two people have been charged in Lake Superior Court with attempted dealing in methamphetamine and three related charges after they were arrested in northwestern Indiana’s Cedar Lake.


(Credit: Chicago Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration)

Cops And DEA Seize $5M Worth Of Meth

Chicago Police and federal agents investigating methamphetamine distribution made a huge bust, arresting three men and seizing more than $5 million in narcotics.


Two rocks of crystal meth (Credit: Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Hiding Woman Falls From Attic During Meth Raid

Sheriff’s deputies say they arrested a 19-year-old woman wanted on a federal drug charge when she fell through the ceiling from her attic hiding place during their search of her residence.


Brett Favre

Favre’s Sister Arrested During Meth Bust

This year has not gone very well for Vikings quarterback Brett Favre. And now it looks like things might be getting worse for Favre and his family.