It's The 10-Year Anniversary Of Michael Barrett Punching A.J. PierzynskiMay 20, 2006 marks one of the legendary moments in the history of the Cubs-White Sox rivalry.
Levine: Zambrano Is His Old Self In Wrigley AppearanceCarlos Zambrano still loves Chicago and cracking jokes.
Listen: Radio Call From Pierzynski-Barrett FightA.J. Pierzynski may be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten.
Pierzynski In A Cubs Uniform? It Almost Happened In fact, Pierzysnki could have been wearing a Cubs uniform in that game.
Dorfman: Top 15 Memorable Moments Of White Sox vs. CubsTonight we start our biannual ritual of the White Sox versus the Cubs. Some say the novelty has faded after all these years and there probably is something to that. But the ballparks will be filled (maybe?) for a few days to make the beer distributors happy.
Wisch: Would Albert Pujols Really Consider The Cubs?Imagine Superman signing on as the official spokesman for Kryptonite tights. Then imagine Albert Pujols putting on Cubs pinstripes. What’s less likely?

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