Michael Reese Hospital

Paul Fronczak, 49, grew up believing he had been kidnapped from a Chicago hospital in 1964 when he was a newborn, and reunited with his parents in 1965, but DNA testing earlier this year revealed he wasn't that baby. The FBI has reopened the case, hoping to find the real Paul Fronczak.

FBI Reopens 1964 Kidnapping Case

The FBI has re-opened a 1964 kidnapping case in Chicago, after DNA evidence revealed the man believed to have been the victim was not the infant who was taken from Michael Reese Hospital nearly 50 years ago.


Michael Reese Hospital

Architecture Critics Sound Off On Reese Demolition

Chicago’s leading architecture critics are voicing disappointment at the city’s decision to demolish the 103-year-old main building at Michael Reese Hospital.

CBS Chicago–11/05/2010

Michael Reese Hospital

City To Tear Down Historic Reese Hospital Building

Going back on a promise to preservation groups, city officials announced Wednesday that the main hospital building at the former Michael Reese Hospital campus would be torn down by the end of the year.

CBS Chicago–11/03/2010