Michael Vick

Michael Vick

Vick Signs $20 Million Contract

Michael Vick is one of the more polarizing players in the NFL. He served two years in a federal prison for dog fighting and on Wednesday was given an estimated $20 million contract.


Mark Buehrle

Buehrle Isn’t Backing Off Of Comments Toward Vick

Mark Buehrle said made some harsh comments about Michael Vick a few weeks ago and is standing by them. The White Sox pitcher is also an animal rights activist and still lacks respect for the Eagle’s quarterback.


Michael Vick

Vick Cancels On Oprah

Michael Vick’s highest-profile one-on-one interview since before going to prison won’t be happening after all. The Eagle’s quarterback canceled his plans to appear on the The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Julius Peppers and Michael Vick

Vick To Appear On Oprah This Thursday

Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick is set to be a guest on the Chicago-based “Oprah Winfrey Show.”


Jay Cutler

For NFL Quarterbacks, It’s All About Throwing Touchdowns

Like Jay Cutler, Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick received intense scrutiny for things that happened off the football field. While Cutler’s criticism didn’t steam from legal or serious personal issues, the solution is still the same.

670 The Score–02/01/2011

Ben Roethlisberger

Bernstein: Football Does Not ‘Redeem’ Roethlisberger

Let’s get one thing straight, first: Ben Roethlisberger did some bad things. The knee-jerk yelp of “he was never charged with anything!” is meaningless, when we consider the facts of the two publicized cases, the NFL’s own investigation of his behavior, and the quarterback’s stated contrition.

670 The Score–02/01/2011

Julius Peppers

Hawaii Is Where Players Want To Keep Pro Bowl

Since 1980, the Pro Bowl has been played in Hawaii. The future of where the Pro Bowl will be played is uncertain past 2012, but the players want to keep it in Hawaii and who can blame them?


Julius Peppers

Bernstein: Seahawks Matchup Sparks Internal Debate

As soon the Packers’ late interception of Michael Vick sealed the certainty that the 8-9 Seattle Seahawks — the worst NFL team to ever win a playoff game — would face the Bears Sunday at noon, the sides of my head started doing what they do…

670 The Score–01/10/2011

Clay Matthews

Packers Topple Vick And Eagles

The Packers had little to worry about during the first half leading 14-3. The second half brought out more fight from the Eagles as they pushed within five points of tying, but an interception in the final minute ended Philadelphia’s push.


Michael Vick

Tucker Carlson: Vick ‘Should Have Been ‘Executed’

The Eagles are more worried about Michael Vick’s injured leg than another attack on his dogfighting past.


Brian Urlacher; Lance Briggs

Bears Defense Knows Where To Improve Against Vikings

The Chicago Bears are hoping to play better in the frigid weather against the Vikings than they did against the Patriots. The Bears defense know they need to get turnovers and haven’t been able to accomplish this in two weeks. They also know they could face QB Joe Webb and have been preparing to stop Adrian Peterson.


Lovie Smith

Bears Must Be Creative On Defense

The Bears are who they are. They trust their schemes and rely on their players to make plays. And when that combination works, the wins pile up.

670 The Score–12/10/2010

Tom Brady

Shutting Down Brady, No Easy Task For Bears

Tom Brady is putting together a MVP-caliber season. And despite the expected weather conditions for Sunday’s game, stopping the Patriots’ quarterback will be no easy task for the Bears’ defense.


Chicago Bears running back Chester Taylor (29) avoids a tackle by Detroit Lions linebacker Ashlee Palmer (58) to score during the first quarter of an NFL football game at Ford Field in Detroit, Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Bears Looking For Fifth Straight Win In Detroit

The Bears are looking for their fifth straight win as they visit Detroit. They made their mark as a top NFC contender after defeating the Eagles last week and the Lions are starting their third string quarterback. If the Bears continue to play as well as they did against Philadelphia, this could be an easy win.


Jay Cutler

Cutler Getting The Right Protection

The Bears are finally giving Jay Cutler some protection after changing up the rotation several times due to player performance and injuries. They finally have the right mix.


Brian Urlacher

Wisch: Can I Order My Bears’ Crow To Go?

Earlier this month in his weekly Sports Illustrated Q&A, Dan Patrick posed the question to Brian Urlacher, “Best team in the NFC now?”


Jay Cutler

Schuster: The Bears…It’s Time To Start Believing

By David Schuster– Ok, be honest. How many of you actually thought the Bears would be 8-3 at this point of the season? I certainly didn’t. In fact they have already surpassed the amount of […]

670 The Score–11/28/2010

Johnny Knox

Big Plays Lead To Bears’ Victory

Bears take down the Philadelphia Eagles thanks to a swarming defense and an explosive offense. LISTEN: HIGHLIGHTS – LOVIE SMITH

CBS Chicago–11/28/2010

Matt Forte

Bears Battle Vick And Eagles

There are still some people who doubt whether or not the Bears are a legitimate playoff team. A win against the Philadelphia Eagles could turn those people into believers.


Chicago Bears

Joniak: Keys To The Game

By Jeff Joniak– Offense: Control the Clock Like the Bears did in Miami, it is wise at this point to control the clock in order to quiet down the high scoring Eagles offense. It’s asking […]

WBBM Newsradio–11/27/2010