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Handicapped Parking

Police Crack Down On Handicap Parking Space Misuse

Think twice before you park in a spot for the handicapped without the proper placard, because the Illinois Secretary of State Police are cracking down during the holidays.

CBS Chicago–12/19/2011

Disability Placard

Police Launch Crackdown On Disability Placard Abuse

Police also waited for the owners to return to their vehicles, to make sure the placards actually belonged to them.

CBS Chicago–12/15/2011

Handicapped Parking

City To Crack Down On Misuse Of Disabled Placards

City Hall is working on plans to begin cracking down on drivers who cheat by using disabled parking placards to park free at meters and other places.

CBS Chicago–10/26/2011

(Photo Credit: Tim Boyle/ Getty Images)

RTA Finds Fraud In Free Rides For Seniors Program

Passes giving free rides to seniors on Chicago area buses and trains are, in some cases, being used to rip off the system. And the cash-strapped RTA is hopping mad. CBS 2’s Mike Parker says all the fuss could help lead to the program’s demise.

CBS 2–11/30/2010