Odds Stacked Against Heat In Game 6The Miami Heat dug themselves a hole when they allowed the San Antonio Spurs to go up 3-2 in the 2013 NBA Finals. Heading into Game 6, the Heat face long odds of just getting to Game 7, much less winning the NBA championship.
Miami Newspaper Runs Ad Congratulating Heat For Winning Championship The Miami Herald ran an ad in Monday's paper congratulating the Heat on winning the NBA Championship, the only problem is that they didn't, the Dallas Mavericks did.
Cavs Owner: 'There Are No Shortcuts'Rarely has Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert passed up an opportunity to take a shot at his former superstar LeBron James, and Gilbert did it again shortly after the Heat lost to the Mavericks.
Mavs Beat Heat, Win First NBA Title In Franchise HistoryDirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks are NBA champions, and they went through LeBron James for that long-awaited first title.
Mavs Need Win For Terry To Keep Championship Trophy TattooDallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry went out on a limb, and he did it in a fairly permanent way, in the form of a tattoo. With one more win, he'll get to keep that tattoo of the NBA's championship trophy - plus have the real thing.
Wisch: No Bull? Phil Jackson Is More Of A Laker When he belonged to Chicago, he had a thick and dark(ish) head of hair, a mustache worthy of Magnum P.I., and a championship swagger that befit the six-ring circus he ran on the city’s West Side.
Thompson: Jackson Greatest, No Matter Who Played For HimThe Lakers uncharacteristic early exit from the playoffs on Sunday was an unlikely end to Phil Jackson’s career. Regardless of whether Jackson appears courtside again, he is the greatest coach in American sports history. Period.
Muller: Bulls Haven't Looked Pretty, But There's No Need To PanicDuring the regular season, many people in the city of Chicago, and plenty more people around the country, were quick to say that they didn’t think the Bulls had what it takes to win the NBA championship this season.
Dorfman: Jackson's Exit Was Sad To WatchSeemingly every year there is a discussion about an athlete who stayed around one year too long. Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr. and Brett Favre are examples that come to mind.
Rose Finishes Fourth In Most Improved Player VotingDerrick Rose is the frontrunner to win this season's NBA MVP Award. But it wouldn't have been ridiculous to think that he could also be named the leagues' Most Improved Player.
Thompson: Time For LBJ To Deliver TitleNow that the regular season is over, it’s time to find out what LeBron James and the Miami Heat are really made of. There’s not a player in the league that has more at stake in the 2011 playoffs than James.
Muller: The Bulls Deserve Respect, No Doubt About ItWe all knew that the Chicago Bulls were going to be a pretty good team when the season began back in late October.

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