Hunter On Lockout: 'Their Plan All Along'National Basketball Players Association Director Billy Hunter has said repeatedly that the NBA’s intention was always to cancel 2011-12 regular-season games.
Bernstein: NBA Is No NFLThe NFL has turned us all into crackheads. We have to have it, and can’t live without it. When we get it, we binge on it until it’s gone, and then we start looking for it again.
NBA Labor: Talks Fail To Bring Progress The start of the NBA season was thrown into doubt Tuesday after players and owners made no progress at a key labor meeting, with no further talks scheduled.
Full Committees Back As NBA owners, Players Meet NBA owners and players are meeting again Tuesday, this time with their full bargaining committees as the negotiations to end the league's lockout reach an important stage.
NBA Fines Jordan For Comments About Labor Process Michael Jordan has been fined by the NBA for making comments about the league's ongoing collective bargaining process.
Muller: Enough With The Labor Issue, I Want Bulls BasketballIs anyone else sick of lockouts? It was bad enough that sports fans had to deal with the NFL lockout for what seemed like an eternity, and now, the NBA lockout has just passed the two month mark.
NBA Owners, Union Talk, To Meet Again Thursday NBA owners and players have met for about 5 1/2 hours and plan to resume negotiations Thursday.
NBA Lockout: Players, Owners Meet In New York There's still time for a deal to keep the entire NBA season intact, though it's running out.
NBA, Players To Talk Wednesday
LeBron 'Optimisitic' 2011-12 Season Will Be SavedLeBron James stood before 360 third-graders on Monday, telling them their futures are bright. Plenty of ominous signs notwithstanding, he believes the same is true for the NBA.
NBA Takes Legal Action Against Locked-Out Players The NBA has filed an unfair labor practice charge and a federal lawsuit against the NBA Players Association, accusing the players of failing to bargain "in good faith".
NBA Players' Association Files Unfair Labor Charge Against LeagueThe NFL is already in the midst of labor negotiations that forced a work stoppage and could potentially threaten the season. On Tuesday, the NBA players' association made a move to help prevent some of that from happening in their league.

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