Shepkowski: An Apology On Behalf Of Illinois On HalloweenThere's no excuse to give out Almond Joy as your Halloween candy.
Shepkowski: Budding Of A New Cubs-Brewers Rivalry?Life has been breathed into this matchup, with the Cubs and Brewers sharing some hard feelings now.
Shepkowski: Baseball’s Poetic Justice On A February TuesdayMLB is doing away with the traditional form of the intentional walk. And there goes some charming randomness.
Listen: Shepkowski's Farewell Montage To Chris SaleSale was dominating for seven seasons with the White Sox, but it's all over now.
Shepkowski: Thoughts Looking Back, Ahead In Cubs-DodgersThe series is 1-1, but the Cubs remain in a good position.
Shepkowski: Thank You To Vin Scully, Baseball's Greatest StorytellerScully had a way of making every player, at-bat or moment feel special.
Listen: Shepkowski's Cubs Division Crown MontageRelive the journey of the Cubs' season to date with the best highlights.
Shepkowski: Predicting The Cubs' Playoff RotationThe Cubs have the benefit of setting up their playoff rotation, so what order should it go in? There's are quality options.
Shepkowski: Ken Griffey Jr. Was The '90sAs Griffey gets inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend, he carries the memories of a backward cap-wearing generation with him.
Shepkowski: Starlin Castro Is That ExYou know you're better off without Castro, just like he's probably better off not being with you.
Shepkowski: Wind Of Change Blowing In WrigleyvilleThe "Lovable Losers" tag is gone. Now, the Cubs can hope dislike comes their way in the form of sustained winning.
Shepkowski: A Chris Sale Trade? Return Would Have To Be AstronomicalGiven Sale's talent and bargain contract, a haul of young talent would be needed for the White Sox to make a deal.

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