Oak Lawn Community High School

Oak Lawn Community High School

Dozens Of Oak Lawn Students Miss Graduation After Cheating Scandal

It was graduation night in for 392 Oak Lawn High School seniors, but dozens of seniors did not get their diplomas because of a community service scandal.


Oak Lawn Community High School

Students Skip Required Community Service, Will Miss Graduation

Four dozen Oak Lawn High School seniors won’t be graduating with the rest of their class on Wednesday, after allegedly cheating on their community service hours requirement.


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Heart Screening Program Offers EKGs At Oak Lawn H.S.

All 1,800 students were offered the chance to get free EKGs, and Supt. Mike Riordan said he believes at least 1,000 of them got the four-minute heart scan.


Oak Lawn Community High School

Oak Lawn Teachers Vote To Reduce Raises, Avoid Layoffs

Teachers and staff at Oak Lawn Community High School have voted to take smaller pay raises the next couple years, rather than face cutting staff by about 20 percent.

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Oak Lawn Teachers, School Workers Face Choice

Teachers and other employees at Oak Lawn Community High School District 229 vote tomorrow on whether to accept smaller pay raises over the next two years or see nearly three dozen of them lose their jobs.