Both Sides In Keystone XL Debate Bend FactsLet's check some of the claims about the pipeline as a bill approving it heads toward likely passage by the Republican-led Senate and a veto by President Barack Obama.
Gas Prices Well Above $4 At Some Chicago StationsThis week's spike in crude oil prices is catching up to Chicago area drivers, with prices at the pump suddenly soaring about 20 cents a gallon to an average of $3.74.
Tensions In Iran Jacking Up Oil, Gas Prices EverywhereOil prices are spiking after Iran cut off exports to Britain and France and threatened to expand the embargo to other European countries, and that means gas prices are skyrocketing too.
Chicago Once Again Has Nation's Highest Gas PricesWith prices creeping up, Chicago once again has the distinction of having the most expensive gas in the country.
Gas Prices Plummeting Across Chicago AreaAfter months of sticker shock and pain at the pump, drivers are finally getting a little relief.
Expert: Strategic Oil Reserve Release Should Cut Gas PricesJust as prices already were falling, governments around the world are making a move to bring down the cost of oil even faster.
Gas Prices Starting To Drop At LastIt has taken a while, but gas prices slowly but surely are starting to trickle down.
Gas Prices Climbing Toward $5 Per GallonNews at the gas pump has gone from bad to worse, and Chicagoans could be looking at an all-time high sooner than you think.
Japan Nuclear Crisis May Drive Up Gas PricesThe crisis in Japan and the ongoing unrest in the Middle East are weighing on the oil market and threatening to further drive up gasoline prices.
Devastation In Japan Leads To Drop In Gas PricesGas prices are still hovering around $4 per gallon in Chicago, but the disaster in Japan could actually bring them down a bit.
Second Biggest Jump Ever In Gas PricesGas prices have soared 33 cents per gallon in the last two weeks alone – the second biggest jump ever recorded.
UPDATED: Retail Sales Up, But Gas Prices May Ruin ItNew numbers show retail sales are rising, but with soaring gas prices, the gains might be short-lived.

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