Olin Kreutz

Olin Kreutz

Kreutz’s Agent: ‘He Wants To Play For The Bears’

It’s still unclear when free agency will actually begin, but when it does, the Chicago Bears will have to make a decision about whether or not to bring back center Olin Kreutz.

670 The Score–07/21/2011

Brad Maynard. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Maynard Not Likely To Re-Sign With Bears

A number of Bears remain unsigned, including center Oline Kreutz, linebacker Nick Roach, defensive tackle Anthony Adams, wide receiver Rashied Davis and punter Brad Maynard.

CBS Chicago–07/18/2011

Olin Kreutz

Arkush: Failing To Sign Kreutz Would Be ‘Biggest Mistake They’ve Ever Made’

Optimistic reports about the NFL Lockout have started to come in with more frequency over the previous few days, leading most to believe that a deal will be reached soon. Once that deal is reached, the Bears will have another big negotiation.

670 The Score–07/15/2011

Olin Kreutz

Kreutz On NFL Lockout: ‘Seems Like There’s No End To It’

When the NFL Lockout is finally lifted, teams will have to cram an entire offseason worth of coaching, evaluation and roster management into a very short amount of time. One of the things on Bears general manager Jerry Angelo’s list will be Olin Kreutz.

CBS Chicago–05/26/2011

Olin Kreutz

Re-Signing Olin Kreutz Should Be Priority

This will be one of the more interesting NFL offseasons in recent memory. Not only will there be roughly double the free agents as normal, but the negotiations between the NFL and NFL Players Union could save or doom the 2011 season.


Jay Cutler and Olin Kreutz

Teammates Defend Cutler’s Toughness

In the wake of Jay Cutler’s knee injury his toughness has been called into question by some fans and players around the league. But his Chicago Bears’ teammates know their quarterback. SEE VIDEO OF FANS BURNING CUTLER JERSEY


Jay Cutler

Bernstein: Cutler Damage Control Critical For Bears

A weird season is over after yesterday’s aimless chaos, and the Bears wake up to a new challenge today.

670 The Score–01/24/2011

Caleb Hanie

Esposito: Third-String QB Almost Saves Bears

The Bears 21-14 loss in the NFC title game couldn’t have been more strange if it came out of Hollywood. Nearly coming back to tie the game with your 3rd string QB after being down 14? Impossible – but it almost happened.


Devin Hester

Focus On Illegal Hits Will Be Put To Test In NFL Playoffs

Concussions, injuries and illegal hits seemed to be the focus during this NFL season. Penalties for unnecessary roughness rose from 2009 to 2010 as a result. With the NFL playoffs kicking off Saturday, these kinds of calls will be put to the test throughout the postseason.


Chicago Bears

Bears’ O-Line Improved Through loss

The Bears’ offensive line was blitzed heavily in the second half of the loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. That heavy blitzing, along with the playoff atmosphere in Green Bay was a big help for the young o-line.


Jay Cutler

Holmes: Postgame Notes From Bears Locker Room

Well, we found out that winning this game was important to Lovie Smith. The Bears starters played the entire game and came up short in the regular season finale 10-3.

670 The Score–01/02/2011

Earl Bennett

Bennett Sits Out Practice With Ankle Injury

Bears’ wide receiver Earl Bennett was held out of Thursday’s practice due the ankle that he re-aggravated in the Bears’ 38-34 victory over the New York Jets.


Olin Kreutz

Kreutz: ‘We Have To Raise Our Level’

The New England Patriots are one of, if not the best team in the NFL. And they’ve been at the top of the league for some time now. Because of this, the Bears can look at Sunday’s loss as a measuring stick, to gauge just how far they have to go to get to where they want to be.


Julius Peppers

Bears Look To Put Patriots Game Behind Them

The Bears went from playing their best football of the season, to playing their worst game of the season. Despite the 36-7 loss to the Patriots, the Bears can still lock up the division, and a playoff berth, with a win over the Vikings and a Green Bay loss.


Jay Cutler

Cutler Getting The Right Protection

The Bears are finally giving Jay Cutler some protection after changing up the rotation several times due to player performance and injuries. They finally have the right mix.


Jay Cutler

Cutler Gaining Confidence

Time is everything, especially when you’re a quarterback in a Mike Martz offense. The more time Cutler has had to throw the ball the better the results have been and the more his confidence has grown.


Olin Kreutz

Kreutz Likely To Play

Chicago Bears’ Olin Kreutz is on a streak of 126 straight starts and that doesn’t look like it will be broken against the Vikings Sunday. Kreutz had missed practice Wednesday and Thursday due to a pulled hamstring.


Chicago Bears Offensive Line

Bears Must Put Buffalo Down Early

The Bills have the worst record in the NFL, 0-7, and if they Bears don’t want to give them their first win, they’ll have put them down early.

670 The Score–11/04/2010

Chicago Bears

Bears Head Into Bye Week Slumping

The Bears need a break in the worst way. They’ve lost three of their last four games and the offensive line looks disorganized. But, a break is exactly what they’ll get as they head into their bye week coming off a 17-14 loss.


Bears vs Packers Preview & Prediction

It’s a national stage for Bears/Packer tonight. It’s always fun to enjoy the feast of the NFL all weekend only to be rewarded with the dessert of the Bears playing a meaningful game on Monday […]