Best Omelets In ChicagoThink about how long the line is at an omelet station and you know that one, the dish is a popular breakfast or brunch choice, and two, that people are choosing which ingredients they want. Indeed, part of the fun of ordering an omelet is creating it the way you want.
Gridiron Grub: Confetti Omelet CupcakesWhile waiting for the gridiron grill to heat up in readiness for the classic tailgate food of burgers and brats, the hunger bunnies still have to be satisfied. A delicious accompaniment to your beverage of choice while you wait are these two-bite morsels.
Best Omelettes In ChicagoSometimes all you crave in the morning is a good, fat omelette full of your favorite things. Rarely are they ever a portion that is reasonable for one person. But isn’t that the point of having brunch in a restaurant instead of at home? Put portion control aside and stuff yourself silly at the following places...

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