2 Investigators: Phones Used To Break Into Bank AccountsCrooks are now stealing phone numbers in order to drain accounts.
Utility Board Pushes For Consumer Protections For Alternate EnergyA consumer advocacy group is pushing a proposal to protect customers shopping for alternative electric and gas companies.
2 Investigators: More Ticket Complaints For BrokerHe thought he was getting a special deal for Cubs tickets. But now a suburban man is crying foul.
Ticket Troubles Solved By 2 InvestigatorsA state legislator is now calling today for tougher regulation of online ticket brokers.
2 Investigators Expose Ticket Sales TrapsWhen you go online to buy tickets for a play, a concert or sporting event, be sure you know who you are buying from. 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports that clicking on the wrong link can cost you lots of extra money.
2 Investigators: Shaming People To Vote"This is a pre-election day stunt to try and drive up voter turnout in that precinct or ward."
2 Investigators: Gas Bills Soaring After Low Introductory RatesSome alternative energy suppliers offer discounted introductory rates. But, in the end, their prices can soar up to three times.
$10K Could Buy Job At Dorothy Brown's Office, Records AllegeNew allegations reveal pay-to-play allegations of corruption in Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown's office.
Identity Theft Scam Targets Change-Of-Address FormsScammers are latching onto a relatively easy way to steal your identity by using a loophole in the post office's change-of-address system.
Cabbie Helps Cement Case Vs. Accused Cop MurdererNew video has surfaced showing Shomari Legghette seconds after he allegedly killed Chicago Police Cmdr. Paul Bauer.
2 Investigators: Widow Waits Months On Social Security BenefitsDarlene Groth says her husband told her before he died that she wouldn't have to worry about money. He was wrong.
2 Investigators: Tow Truck Drivers Follow Accident Victim To HospitalIn Chicago, tales of aggressive tow truck drivers and billing abuses are well known. CBS 2's Pam Zekman heard a story so incredible she had to check it out.

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