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Does this look like a campaign brochure to you? (CBS)

Candidate’s Offbeat Campaign Fliers, Resembling Parking Tickets, Not Funny To Some

The last thing some motorists want to see are orange-colored slips of paper on their windshield. CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports.


James Rojas says he was cleared of unpaid parking tickets, but the city is still seizing his Illinois tax return refund. (CBS)

Another Motorist Says Chicago Is Wrongly Seizing His State Tax Refund

The city of Chicago is going after the state income-tax refunds of drivers who haven’t paid parking fines. CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman talks with one man who says he was wrongly targeted.


Walter Jacobson

Walter’s Perspective: A Nit-Picking Parking Ticket

CBS 2’s Walter Jacobson has a tale to tell tonight about parking a car legally and getting smacked with a ticket.

CBS 2–11/22/2011

Parking Ticket

Parking Ticket After Blizzard Tossed For Disabled Woman

Police in the tiny southern suburb of Calumet Park have a bad taste in their mouths after a judge tossed out a parking ticket for a Chicago woman Thursday.

CBS Chicago–05/13/2011

Parking Ticket

Woman Fights Parking Ticket Issued After Blizzard

Costs are mounting for a 60-year-old Beverly neighborhood woman as she tries to fight a parking ticket she got after the February blizzard.

CBS Chicago–04/15/2011

Parking Ticket

City Worker Attacked While Writing Parking Ticket

A Traffic Management Authority worker was attacked by an angry driver Friday evening after she wrote him a ticket in the River North neighborhood.

CBS Chicago–01/15/2011