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Fioretti Proposes Parking Ticket Amnesty Program

Fioretti, who is one of four challengers facing off against Mayor Rahm Emanuel next month, said he’s introducing an ordinance that would cancel the onerous fees and penalties for parking ticket scofflaws, if they pay up their original unpaid parking fines in full.


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Lakeview Residents Claim Tickets Issued Despite Absence Of ‘No Parking’ Signs

There’s not a lot of free parking in the city today, so imagine the reaction for some drivers who found a stretch of road without any “no parking” signs in sight.


Chicago Parking Meter (CBS)

Hundreds Receive Parking Tickets Despite Paying With Park Chicago App

Hundreds of drivers who thought they had paid for parking through an app on their smartphones have gotten tickets in Chicago, reports WBBM’s Nancy Harty.


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2 Investigators: City Residents Complain Faulty Pictures Not Proof Of Parking Violations

It’s the newest thing: You get a notice of a parking ticket in the mail, along with so-called evidence that the violation occurred. But, viewers have complained to the CBS 2 Investigators that the photographic proof taken by city workers may prove nothing at all. Pam Zekman tells us what’s going on here.


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Chicago Police Issued More Parking Tickets In 2013

A new analysis shows after years of steady declines, the city issued 2.5 million tickets in 2013, a six percent increase from 2012.


Snow covers cars in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

It Might Be Tiresome, But Scrape Off Your Car, Or Risk A Ticket

City law allows police to ticket and even tow a car if it hasn’t been moved in seven days.


Path dug to Chicago parking meter after blizzard

Parking Meters Buried In Snow, Making Paying For Space Difficult

Adding insult to injury from the recent storms, hundreds of parking tickets were slapped on cars near those much-hated Chicago parking meters.


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Woman Settles $105,000 Parking Ticket Case

An unemployed single mother reportedly has reached a settlement agreement with the city, after she was issued more than $105,000 worth of parking tickets.


Laura Schmecht rides her pink scooter to work when the weather is warm, but is frustrated at being given four parking tickets, despite parking legally. (Credit: Mike Krauser/WBBM)

City Keeps Ticketing Scooter, Despite Parking Legally

A woman from the Lakeview neighborhood has about had it with the parking meter attendants who keep leaving $75 tickets on her legally parked scooter.

WBBM Newsradio–05/02/2013

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Evanston Waiving Late Fees On Parking Tickets Through June 30

The city of Evanston is waiving late fees on overdue parking tickets for a limited time only. After that, city officials intend to get tough.


O'Hare Air Traffic Control Tower

Setback For Woman Fighting $105,000 In Parking Tickets

A woman who’s fighting City Hall over a whopping parking ticket bill, has lost a round in court.


A "Denver Boot" Wheel Lock (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Lawmaker Wants City To Be Able To Boot Cars To Collect On Unpaid Debts

An Illinois state senator wants to allow the city of Chicago to boot and sell cars belonging to people who owe the city money on a court judgment.

CBS Chicago–02/26/2013

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Single Mom Claims City Illegally Issued $105,000 In Parking Tickets

An unemployed, single mother says she’s trapped in a parking ticket nightmare so now, she’s suing.


Jennifer Edwards says the state kept docking her paycheck, even after she had paid off all of the money she owed for parking tickets, and has been told the problem might not be fixed for up to two months. (Credit: CBS)

State Worker: State Docking My Pay, Even After I Paid Off Debt

The city of Chicago has been going after state employees who owe money for unpaid parking tickets by taking money out of their paychecks, but one such employee said when the city got what it was owed from her, the state kept docking her paycheck.

CBS 2–07/11/2012

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Seniors Furious After City Takes Money From Pensions To Pay Off Parking Tickets

Drivers who have unpaid parking tickets in Chicago have to worry about more than just having their state income tax refunds seized to pay off their debts; the city is also taking money out of some seniors’ pension checks.

WBBM Newsradio–03/27/2012

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City Starts Collecting Unpaid Fines By Seizing State Tax Refunds

Chicago taxpayers are starting to get the bad news: no state income tax refund for you. As CBS 2’s Kristyn Hartman reports, thousands could see their refunds disappear, because of unpaid city fines.

CBS 2–02/28/2012

City Council Chambers

Think Tank: Seizing Tax Refunds Won’t Help City Budget

The head of a conservative think tank calls the plan to intercept ticket scofflaws’ tax refunds a desperate money grab by the city.

CBS Chicago–02/16/2012

City Council Chambers

City Council Approves Tax Refund Seizures, Bath Salts Ban

City revenue collectors can now take your state income tax refund if you aren’t paying your parking tickets, now that the City Council has approved the plan.

CBS Chicago–02/15/2012

Rahm Emanuel Taxes

Owe A Fine? City May Target Tax Refunds To Pay Them

The City of Chicago is targeting state tax returns to recoup some of the millions of dollars in unpaid parking and red-light camera tickets.


Andrew Miller shows off some of the 13 tickets he received for not displaying a new license plate sticker, after he'd sent in a check for the sticker but it was weeks late in arriving. (Credit: CBS)

Lakeview Man Says City Giving Him Runaround On Tickets

A young musician from Lakeview who has lived in the city only a few months has already racked up an avalanche of tickets and he says he has the city is being unfair and has led him astray. The city says the man is “brazenly” disregarding Chicago’s parking regulations and deserves the tickets he’s received.

CBS 2–01/24/2012