State Worker: State Docking My Pay, Even After I Paid Off DebtThe city of Chicago has been going after state employees who owe money for unpaid parking tickets by taking money out of their paychecks, but one such employee said when the city got what it was owed from her, the state kept docking her paycheck.
DeKalb County School Supt. Has To Live Off Wife's IncomeThe DeKalb County Regional Superintendent of Schools admits it's challenging not receiving a paycheck from the state, but says he's holding out hope that Gov. Pat Quinn will put back the money he removed.
How Will Proposed Tax Cut Deal Affect Your Paycheck?It's a deal that would put a lot of money back in your paycheck But it's not a done deal yet. CBS 2's Dorothy Tucker reports on how the tax cuts will affect you and your wallet.
How To Ask Your Boss For A RaiseMaybe it's time to go to the boss about a little extra money in your paycheck. Think a raise sounds ridiculous when others are still looking for work? Not necessarily, as CBS 2's Mary Kay Kleist reports.

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