Transgender Pride Flag

Chicago Doctor Wants To Develop Clinic For Transgender Children

A doctor at Children’s Memorial Hospital he would like to help develop a clinic for transgender children.

CBS Chicago–02/20/2012


Study: Dietary Changes May Help Treat ADHD

A new study by researchers at Children’s Memorial Hospital offers a dietary alternative for parents who don’t want their hyperactive children treated with medicine.

CBS Chicago–01/09/2012

Silhouette Of Mother And Baby. (AP Graphic)

Report Looks At Babies Who Weighed Under A Pound At Birth, Survived

The online journal Pediatrics is releasing a report Monday on medical miracles – babies weighing less than a pound a birth.

CBS Chicago–12/12/2011

Child With Food Allergies

Study: Food Allergies Affect 1 In 13 Children

A new study by researchers in Chicago finds food allergies in children are much more common than previously believed.

CBS Chicago–06/20/2011


Study: Don’t Fret Over Fever-Phobia

Fever phobia is rampant among parents of young children, but the American Academy of Pediatrics says a fever might not be such a worry.

WBBM Newsradio–02/28/2011

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YouTube Videos Show Graphic Self-Mutilation

YouTube videos on cutting and other self-injury methods are an alarming new trend, attract millions of hits and could serve as a how-to for troubled viewers, a study warns.