Walter's Perspective: Please Pass Along A Message, Mrs. ObamaCBS 2's Walter Jacobson hopes the first lady will convey an urgent message to her husband when she returns from Chicago.
Walter's Perspective: Allowing Guns On Public Transportation Is MadnessCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says lawmakers shouldn't cave to the demands of the NRA that Chicago commuters be allowed to carry concealed weapons.
Walter's Perspective: Washington Street Bike Plan Could Create GridlockCBS 2's Walter Jacobson is all for making Chicago more bike friendly, but he has some concerns about Mayor Emanuel's plans for Washington Street in the Loop.
Walter's Perspective: Valentine's Day Tarnished By The High Cost Of CardsCBS 2's Walter Jacobson is a fan of Valentine's Day, but not of the cost to buy a simple card.
Walter's Perspective: Don't Teach Callers How To Play 9-1-1 SystemCBS 2's Walter Jacobson has some advice for police officials who are instituting a new priority system for emergency calls.
Walter's Perspective: Raise Cash, Get Ambassador PostCBS 2's Walter Jacobson smells something a little funny with reports that President Obama is considering Vogue editor Anna Wintour as a candidate for U.S. ambassador to Great Britain.
Walter's Perspective: No Sympathy For Te'o, Or Duped MediaCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says he won't be shedding any tears for the Notre Dame star.
Walter's Perspective: President's Cabinet Male-HeavyCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says the Commander-in-Chief's Cabinet stands to lose any sense of gender balance in his second term.
Walter's Perspective: Education Is Next Fiscal CliffCBS 2's Walter Jacobson sounds off on lawmakers and their inability to help keep schools running.
Walter's Perspective: Burglary At High-End Retailer Overshadowed By Price Of MerchandiseCBS 2's Walter Jacobson is flabbergasted by the type of merchandise ripped off from a hoity-toity Gold Coast store Thursday.
Walter's Perspective: Do-Nothing Congress Sure Is Paid A LotCBS 2's Walter Jacobson tallies up the costs taxpayers fork over to a Congress that gives very little in return.
Walter's Perspective: Give Mourning Firefighters A New ContractCBS 2's Walter Jacobson says the colleagues of fallen firefighter Herbie Johnson deserve a new, fair contract.

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