Baffoe: What I’m Not Thankful For In 2014 SportsThursday Night Football, the Derrick Rose debates and Ronnie Woo Woo are on the list of turkeys.
Opinion: A Terrible End To A Terrible CongressCongress refused to vote for relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The first Republican President famously said "a house divided against itself cannot stand." The same holds true for the Republican Party today.
Peter King: Consequences Of FootballSlowly but surely, the dangers of playing football are coming to light. More and more former players are showing signs of memory loss and other brain-related injuries, the cause of which can be directly tied to football.
Bernstein: Bears' Error Could Raise Carimi's CostAs Bears as Bears can be, they take a perfectly satisfying story and complicate it by screwing something up.
Rodgers: New Helmet Helped Prevent Concussion Aaron Rodgers has already suffered two concussion this season. And if it wasn't for the new helmet he started wearing, that number might have hit three against the Chicago Bears.

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