A self-portrait of Chicago photographer Vivian Maier. (Photo courtesy: Carol Fox and Associates Public Relations)

Chicago Street Photographer’s Stark Images Snarled In Legal Fight

Vivian Maier, subject of an Academy Award-nominated film, has been posthumously recognized as a remarkable photographer. But who owns the copyright to her work?


Lake Point Tower, Chicago (Credit: Elliot Mandel)

Made In Chicago: Photographer Elliot Mandel

As a passionate musician, Elliot Mandel has carved out a niche in Chicago’s community of photographers, reports Regine Schlesinger with Made in Chicago.



The 10 Most Photographed Places On Earth

There’s only one rule to keep in mind when traveling: If you don’t take photos, it didn’t happen. (That, and don’t drink the tap water.)



9 Professional Tips For Taking Insane Adventure Photographs

Jeremiah Watt captures people dangling off boulders and surfing down mountains, highlining between cliffs and deepwater diving into the abyss. We asked Watt for his top tips for taking amazing adventure photographs, and here’s what he had to say.


St. Peter's in the Loop. (Credit: Steve Miller)

Street Photography Group Holds ‘Alley Walk’ Downtown

If you walk through the Loop on a Sunday, you might see a group of people taking pictures – a lot of pictures.


(credit: Thinkstock)

Best Up-And-Coming Artists In Chicago

Art in Chicago isn’t confined to just one or two galleries. Not sure which artists to check out? The following guide will help you.


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Best Camera Stores In Chicago

Searching for a terrific camera that will help capture your memories? Then look no further than these Chicago area stores.


Murbundi Ideologies

Museum Of Contemporary Photography Explores ‘The Limits Of Photography’

When you look at a painting or drawing, you’re not surprised when you see artwork that’s abstract or presents a spin on its subject. But with photography, there’s the sense that what you’re seeing is an accurate depiction of the world. However, that’s not always the case—a show at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, “Limits of Photography,” explores what happens when artists challenge the medium and manipulate it in compelling ways.



‘Exposure’ At The Art Institute Showcases Emerging Artists

In Exposure, the fourth show in a series of contemporary work by the Department of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago, Matt Keegan, Katie Paterson, and Heather Rasmussen each explore photography in a different way. While the three photographers present various subjects and themes, their work can be taken together as a way to see how the medium is being used in contemporary art.



Last Chance: See ‘Crime Unseen’ At MoCP

The images in “Crime Unseen,” the Museum of Contemporary Photography’s latest show, are lurid, dark, and incredibly captivating. Each of the photographers takes pictures of crime scenes, well after the crime has occurred…



Making A Scene: Family Guide To The Lill Street Art Center

The Lill Street Art Center offers amazing kids classes, fun-themed kid’s camps, family drop-in workshops and adult classes in seven different departments: ceramics, metalsmithing & jewelry, painting & drawing, printmaking, textiles, glass, and digital arts & photography. So why not visit?


Angela Strassheim, Evidence #11 (credit:

November Arts Preview

There aren’t enough hours in the day to check out every noteworthy art event in Chicago. Here are our can’t-miss picks for November.


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I Myself Have Seen It: Photography and Kiki Smith

I Myself Have Seen It: Photography and Kiki Smith, which runs through August 14 at the Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, offers a survey of Smith’s photography and explores the ways the medium enhances her other artwork.


(credit: Hubert Blanz)

Last Chance: See ‘Public Works’ At MOCP

Public Works, on view at the Museum of Contemporary Photography through July 17, focuses on infrastructure—dams, airports, factories, and other constructions—and examines the role they play in society today.


Kelise Yang

Photographer Has A Knack For Newborns

A Chicago photographer is turning heads for his heart-grabbing pictures. We stopped by his studio to see how he’s able to capture the magic.

CBS 2–06/10/2011

credit: Courtesy Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, and 1301PE, Los Angeles

Uta Barth Exhibit

With so much happening in our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook what’s right in front of us—a tree losing its leaves or a glass on the table—in favor of more stimulating images and encounters. In her new show at the Art Institute of Chicago, photographer Uta Barth takes those distractions out.


A self-portrait of Vivian Maier, an acclaimed photographer who was unknown in her lifetime. ( Maloof)

Chicago Photographer Who Died In Obscurity Now Acclaimed As A Genius

John Maloof bought the negatives of a deceased photographer, not knowing a worldwide sensation would be created when he published one of Vivian Maier’s stark black-and-white images online.


Capture My Chicago cover shot. (Credit: Kenneth Steele/Capture My Chicago)

Perfect Holiday Gift Idea: Capture My Chicago Book

We are proud to show you Chicago like you have never seen it before.

CBS 2–11/22/2010