Police Commander

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Ex-Naperville Police Commander Gets 18 Months For Embezzlement

James S. Bedell served 23 years as a Naperville police officer, and later became chief of police in downstate Edwardsville, where he embezzled nearly $140,000 from city coffers to bankroll a gambling addiction.


Jon Burge

Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge Reports To Prison

Former police Cmdr. Jon Burge reports to prison today, after being convicted of lying about torturing suspects during the 1970s and ‘80s.

CBS Chicago–03/16/2011

Jon Burge

Burge To Report To Same Prison As Madoff

Former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge is expected to report to prison later this week, and he could meet a jailhouse celebrity.

CBS Chicago–03/14/2011

Jon Burge

Victim Wants Prison Time For Burge

A man who claims to have been a torture victim of police Cmdr. Jon Burge wants to see him go away for a long time.

CBS Chicago–01/13/2011

Jon Burge

Defense Attorneys: Go Easy On Burge

Former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge, who is now facing sentencing next week for lying about the torture of suspects, says he deserves less prison time because of his military service.

CBS Chicago–01/11/2011