Cardinals Say New Pope Remains Down-To-Earth, 2 Months In
Cardinal George Speaks Ahead Of ConclaveToday, Francis Cardinal George spoke for what may be the last time before Tuesday's historic vote.
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Chicagoans Witness Final Days Of Pope BenedictSeveral Chicago area faithful witnessed history at the Vatican on Wednesday at Pope Benedict offered his final papal audience before he steps down.
Catholics React to Pope Benedict's Final Sunday It was a momentous occasion for millions of Catholics around the world. Pope Benedict XVI gave his final Angelus, or prayer celebrating the incarnation of Christ, at the Vatican Sunday morning.
Cardinal George Noncommittal Ahead Of Rome TripDespite talk that the Roman Catholic cardinals could decide to speed up the process to elect a pope, Cardinal George isn't committing to anything until he gets to Rome on the 27th of this month.
Pope's Resignation Has Insiders Still GuessingVatican insiders are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out how they missed apparent hints being dropped for some time.
Critics Challenge Pope's Stance Against Ordaining WomenAt Vatican Holy Thursday observances, Pope Benedict stood firm against ordaining women as priests. And he blasted dissident priests who are questioning church doctrine.
Cardinal George Names Priest As Church CFOFrancis Cardinal George must submit his resignation to Pope Benedict when he turns 75 Friday, and he wants to make sure that his financial house is in order when he leaves.

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