Walter's Perspective: No Samples? Not PeachyDoes he dare eat a peach? CBS 2's Walter Jacobson isn't so sure, unless grocers allow shoppers to sample the produce.
New Ordinance Allows For Fresh Produce Carts In Food DesertsA new city ordinance aims to increase the flow of fresh produce into so-called food deserts in Chicago.
Food Recalls WidenFirst cantaloupes. Now there’s the possibility shredded Romaine lettuce may have the listeria bacteria. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov takes a look at what consumers should think about when buying their food.
Fresh Produce Coming To More Walgreens DrugstoresMore Chicago area Walgreens drugstores will soon offer fresh produce.
Produce Prices Shooting UpWeather in other regions have created a shortage of fruits and vegetables, which means their costs will rise.
Woman Has Sour Grapes Over Black Widow In Her ProduceShelly Cline was washing her purchase in the sink, when she saw a critter and its telltale red hourglass mark.
CPS Garden Produce Forbidden In LunchroomsThis fall, young gardeners at the Chicago Public Schools are harvesting the fruits of their labor, but they won’t be the ones enjoying it.

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