John Lackey Is Boers & Bernstein's 2016 Quote Of The Year Winner"I didn't come here for a haircut," Lackey famously said. "We're trying to get it on. I came here for jewelry."
Tim Beckman Is Boers & Bernstein’s 2015 Quote Of The Year WinnerBeckman's 53-second ramble on "Oskee" was unprecedented in its length.
Vote: 2012 Quote Of The YearWelcome to the 2012 Quote of the Year Show with Boers & Bernstein.
Quote Of The Year PreviewBe sure to tune into B&B on Wednesday starting at 1 p.m. to catch the 2012 Quote of the Year Show.
Tyler Hansbrough Wins Quote Of The YearThe votes are in and Tyler Hansbrough has run away as the winner of the 2011 Quote Of The Year.

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