No Deadline Set For NFL To Cancel GamesThe NFL hasn't set a deadline for when games would be canceled without a collective bargaining agreement.
Proposed Kickoff Rules A Touchy SubjectIt appears as if there's actually football to talk about when it comes to the NFL. New proposed kickoff rules would make them safer, but reduce some of the big-play potential.
NFL To Be More Aggressive In Suspending Players For Illegal HitsAmong changes for the next NFL season, whenever that is, are more suspensions for illegal hits, and possible adjustments to instant replays and kickoffs.
Teams Warned About Trash Talk, Physical Threats By NFLThe NFL playoffs are heating up and teams are trying to intimidate each other. The NFL doesn't want any of it and has warned players not to go too far.
NFL: Players 'Heeded Our Emphasis' With No Illegal HitsRay Anderson, the NFL's executive in charge of watching over illegal hits, was pleased that there were no such penalties called on Sunday. The league made it a major issue to explain penalties and punishments over the course of last week.
NFL Releases Video Of 'Inexcusable' Hits
NFL Will Immediately Suspend Players For Dangerous Hits

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