Rep. Bill Mitchell

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Lawmakers Seek Changes To Concealed Carry Law

Some of the proposals would make it easier to get a permit, while others would expand the list of locations where people would be allowed to carry weapons. Others would tighten restrictions.


File Photo Of Glock Handgun. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

House Debates Multiple Restrictions For Concealed Carry Measure

The firestorm over concealed weapons moved to the Illinois House floor Tuesday, sparking Republican complaints that an extraordinary legislative process set up by majority Democrats would restrict the right to carry guns in public rather than allow it, as a federal court has ordered.


State Rep. Bill Mitchell (Credit: Illinois General Assembly)

Downstate Lawmaker: Kick Chicago, Cook County Out Of Illinois

A downstate lawmaker would like to kick Chicago and Cook County out of the state of Illinois.

CBS Chicago–11/22/2011