Rep. Daniel Biss

Illinois House Floor

Victims’ Bill Of Rights May Be Added To State Constitution

A Victims’ Bill of Rights could be added to the Illinois State Constitution, if a proposed amendment makes it onto the November ballot.

CBS Chicago–02/13/2012

At least two officials at Northeastern Illinois University are earning more than $190,000 each after retiring from the university, then returning to the same jobs and drawing both a university salary and a state pension, both funded by taxpayers. (Credit: CBS)

Some University Employees Double Dipping For State Paychecks

Some public university employees have figured out a way to keep their jobs and double their salaries. CBS 2’s Dave Savini has been investigating this lucrative, yet legal, sweetheart deal involving government pensions.

CBS 2–02/08/2012

A Man Uses A Computer Mouse. (AP Photo)

New Law To Step Up Electronics Recycling In Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn has signed legislation that he hopes will increase the volume of electronics that are recycled rather than thrown away.

CBS Chicago–08/10/2011