Rep. Deborah Mell

Ald. Dick Mell is retiring after nearly 40 years in City Council. (CBS))

Ald. Mell Reflects On Decades In Politics

Retiring Chicago Alderman Dick Mell says his falling out with son-in-law Rod Blagojevich and the former Illinois governor’s imprisonment for corruption continue to weigh heavily on him.


UP West Metra Train

Legislators To Hold Hearing On Metra’s Severance Deal For Ex-CEO

All 11 Metra Board members — as well as former Metra CEO Alex Clifford — are being asked to appear July 11 before a legislative committee delving into a hefty severance package that could reap Clifford nearly $750,000 over more than two years, lawmakers said Wednesday.


Same Sex Marriage

Emanuel Pledges To Lead Effort To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

The Election Day victories for same-sex marriage in several states have supporters of the effort in Illinois saying the atmosphere has changed, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Tuesday that he’d lead an effort to legalize same-sex marriages in Illinois as well

WBBM Newsradio–11/13/2012

Abortion Generic

Ill. House Committee Approves Bill Requiring Ultrasounds Before Abortion

Illinois state lawmakers who oppose abortion are trying to make it harder for women to make the decision to abort.

CBS Chicago–02/22/2012

State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Ill.)

Harris On Gay Marriage Bill: Equal Rights Are Always A Struggle

Illinois State Rep. Greg Harris (D-Chicago) says winning full marriage rights for same-sex marriage in Illinois will be a struggle, but he says such is always the case with civil rights issues.

CBS Chicago–02/09/2012