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Guide To Elmhurst In Fair Or Foul Weather

Elmhurst, Chi-town’s suburban cousin to the West, is a fun place for day tripping year round. Here’s a list of all the things you can do in Elmhurst year-round, no matter what type of weather Mother Nature offers up!


CBS 2 found that some of the city's fanciest restaurants have violated health codes. (CBS)

2 Investigators: Some Pricey Restaurants Racking Up Health-Code Violations

Sometimes the fine-dining at high-end restaurants isn’t as fine as customers might think. CBS 2’s Pam Zekman examined health-inspection reports for some of Chicago’s fanciest places.


Environmentally friendly toilet paper is used in the toilets before the Live Earth concert at the Coca-Cola Dome on July 7, 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa. (Photo by Nadine Hutton /Getty Images)

Many Restaurants Ignore Rules For Public Restrooms

There are thousands of restaurants in Chicago and many of them are operating outside the law by not offering proper public restroom facilities.

CBS 2–11/09/2011

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Guide To The Chicago Marathon

There’s nothing like the excitement of a race. 45,000 runners will hit the streets of Chicago to fulfill their dream of completing a 26.2 mile marathon this weekend. Many years ago, I was one of these happy runners, and now I am an even happier spectator. It’s true that running the race is like nothing else, but you can also get an adrenaline rush from watching the race.


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Best High-End Lunch Deals In Chicago

While you like to try every new restaurant that opens in Chicago, it can be hard to knock the pricey eateries off your list. The solution? Take advantage of some of the excellent lunch deals available around town…


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Soundtrack To A Meal: Chicago Restaurants And Their Music

Restaurant owners have more to think about than simply the food when it comes to putting together a good experience for their customers. One part, which often gets overlooked by critics: music. I spoke with some of the people at popular Chicago restaurants who choose what people listen to while they eat.


Owners at Salutos Italian Restaurant in Gurnee had to throw out $20,000 to $30,000 of spoiled food after going more than two days without power in the wake of a thunderstorm on Monday, July 11, 2011. (Credit: CBS)

Long Power Outages Cost Restaurants Thousands

This week’s major storm has been a nightmare for residents, with thousands of homeowners going more than 48 hours without power. But imagine owning a restaurant and having no power for more than two days. Imagine the mess and the smell of all the spoiling food.

CBS 2–07/13/2011

Chicago Cooks

Best Chicago Cookbooks

Chicago is one of the best foodie towns in the world. It’s no secret Chicagoans love their food. These featured cookbooks will help you create your favorite Chicago recipes right in your own home.


Best Finger Food In Chicago

Best Finger Food In Chicago

From classy to corn dog, here are the best places in Chicago to eat with your hands. No forks required here!



Best Candy Shops In Chicago

Looking for a place to satisfy your sweet cravings in the Windy City? These candy shops offer it all — style, sass and most importantly sweetness.

CBS Chicago–10/03/2010

Nuevo Leon

Best Mexican Restaurants In Chicago

There are a variety of delicious Mexican restaurants around the city of Chicago. Here are a few suggestions:



Best Cupcakes In Chicago

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Bakeries specializing in this tasty treat have been cropping up everywhere in Chicago lately. Here are a few suggestions on where to get delicious cupcakes around town:



Best Steakhouses In Chicago

There are several restaurants that serve steak in Chicago. There are only a handful, though, that are really worth your while. Here are some suggestions:


Frontera Grill

Best Celebrity Chef Restaurants

There are many fine dining options around Chicago but if you’re looking for menus created by the city’s celebrity culinary artists, here are five of the best celebrity-chef restaurants. Table Fifty-Two 52 W. Elm St, […]


The Grafton

Six Of Chicago’s Best Burgers

Chicago may be best known for its Italian beef and hot dogs, but the city is also home to some mean burgers. Here are some prime examples: Kuma’s Corner 2900 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago (773) […]


Stanleys Fried Chicken

Best Brunch In Chicago

Chicago is well-known for its restaurants. If you wake up on a weekend morning and hear the rumble of your stomach, and your first thought is, “Where’s the food?” check out these local brunch suggestions:


Jaffa Bagels

Best Bagels In Chicago

Don’t want eggs? No taste for bacon? Have craving for the perfect bagel? We found the best places to get bagels in Chicago. NYC Bagel Deli 300 S. Wacker, Chicago (312) 922-7500 1001 W. North […]


Fredhots Footlong

Chicago Hot Dogs: Five Great Bets

There seems to be a favorite hot dog joint on every other street corner around Chicago. But which ones should you be sure to try? Here are a few options.