Rewind Chicago: A View Of Michigan Avenue Then And NowThe year is 1925, the view is of North Michigan Avenue from around Erie to Walton Street.
Rewind Chicago: Fashionable Streeterville's Deviant Beginnings Streeterville, with its gleaming high-rise residences just steps from Michigan Avenue on one end and Lake Michigan on the other, did not have such an attractive beginning.
Rewind Chicago: The Rise, Fall And Revival Of State Street State Street, once known as "that Great Street," had fallen on hard times by the late 1970s.
Rewind Chicago: Naval Training At Monmouth College This installment of "Rewind Chicago" takes us beyond the city limits down to tiny Monmouth, Ill.
Rewind Chicago: A Travel Film Of The City In 1948In 1948, Chicago, the Second City, in many respects was second to none.
Rewind Chicago: Dancing On A Plank, About 200 Feet Above The Street
Rewind Chicago: In 1968, The John Hancock Center Takes Form Over ChicagoWalking east on Chicago Avenue in 1968, one could see the full skeleton of what would become one of Chicago's iconic structures.
Rewind Chicago: British Newsreel Company Uploads Its Entire Collection On YouTubeBritish Pathe, the famous creator of old-time newsreels, has uploaded its entire collection of films on YouTube, including dozens of fascinating historical reels showcasing Chicago.

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