Rick Hahn

Levine: New Challenge May Be Right At Home For Kenny WilliamsThe time to move on is rarely seen by most of us who toil at a profession and knock out a living and a career.
Levine: White Sox GM Not Throwing In The TowelThe moment of truth is upon us. Chicago will have to win 65 percent of their remaining games, Bruce Levine writes.
Levine: White Sox Non-Move Could Be A Plus“If we continue to play like we have, we will be just fine,” White Sox GM Rick Hahn said about standing pat at the deadline.
Levine: Not Too Late For White Sox To Add OffenseThe Chicago White Sox continue to evaluate their position to move up as a contender on a daily basis.
Levine: Will White Sox Be Buyers At The Trade Deadline?General manager Rick Hahn freely admits he wants to be a buyer, but he's also a realist.
Listen: Rick Hahn On If Chris Sale Is 'Untouchable,' Trading With The Cubs & More"We're currently and not surprisingly having conversations with a number of different clubs," Hahn says of the White Sox.
Levine: White Sox On Brink Of Season-Changing DecisionsWith 32 wins in the first half of the season, the White Sox must realistically win 53 of their last 81 games to be a wild-card contender.
Levine: No Strife Between Williams, HahnEveryone shares in the struggles of the White Sox, GM Rick Hahn says.
Levine: Rick Hahn Not Ready To Reveal Plan About White Sox's FutureThe first demarcation point of 60 days to evaluate the team has come and gone for the GM.
Levine: White Sox Unsure Of Adding Or Subtracting PlayersThe next few weeks will decide Chicago's intentions on the trade market.
Levine: White Sox Management, Robin Ventura Agree To More Hands-On ApproachThe White Sox are searching for answers amid a disappointing start.
Levine: Robin Ventura's Job Not On The Line At This PointThe recent campaign to blame the White Sox’s bad start on manager Robin Ventura was addressed by GM Rick Hahn on Tuesday.