Rob Sherman

Rob Sherman

Atheist Activist Goes To Supreme Court To Block State Funding For Cross

Atheist activist Rob Sherman says the U.S. Supreme Court is his last chance to block public funding for repair of a massive cross in Southern Illinois.

CBS Chicago–09/06/2012

Church (Credit: CBS)

Taxpayers Could Be Paying For Church-Run Schools

Millions of taxpayer dollars may soon be used to help support church owned schools and to rebuild churches themselves. But it won’t happen if one angry opponent succeeds.

CBS 2–05/25/2011

Photo Of Microscope And Test Tube (Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

Suburban Teacher Who Taught Creationism Keeps His Job

Despite some calls for a Libertyville High School science teacher to be fired for teaching creationism in a biology class, the Community High School District 128 board has decided to keep him on.

CBS Chicago–03/23/2011

Rob Sherman

Atheist Activist Protests Creationism In Science Class

Atheist activist Rob Sherman is expected to make public comments at the Libertyville High School board meeting Tuesday night, about a science teacher who had been teaching creationism.

CBS Chicago–03/22/2011

Rob Sherman

Judge Tosses Atheist’s Suit Over Downstate Cross

A federal judge has tossed an atheist’s lawsuit, which sought to force the return of a state grant that helped pay for restoration of an 11-story cross that is considered a landmark in southern Illinois.

CBS Chicago–02/09/2011

Empty Classroom

‘Moment Of Silence’ Law May Return

An Illinois law requiring a daily moment of silence in public schools may be set to make a comeback after being blocked for two years.

CBS Chicago–01/14/2011