Chicago Reacts To Air Strikes In Syria24 hours after 105 U.S. missiles hit Syrian chemical weapons facilities, protesters in Chicago were slamming the strikes. 
France Train Attack Raises Travel Safety ConcernsAfter three Americans and British grandfather jumped to action to stop a gunman aboard a train in France, an obvious question is, could that happen here?
Kirk Wants U.S. To Publish List Of Airports With Lax Passport ScreeningU.S. Sen. Mark Kirk has proposed legislation that would require the federal government to tell air travelers which airports don’t adequately check passengers for stolen passports.
Local Terrorism Expert: Boston Bombing Designed To Send MessageA University of Chicago Terrorism analyst says the Boston Bomb placement shows it was designed not for maximum lethality but to send a message by maiming and wounding.
Expert: Bin Laden's Death Brings Threat, OpportunityIt may feel safer to have Osama bin Laden dead, but is that really the case? University of Chicago political science professor Robert Pape says actually, any plan for retaliation could present an opportunity.
Terror Expert Sees More Plots Ahead As Ground Troops StayWith troops on the ground in Middle East, he says the United States is creating more terrorists than it is killing.

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