Lyons: Commissioner-Elect Manfred Has Long To-Do ListMost notably, baseball needs to connect with the younger generation.
Buerhle's Start Puts Him In Select CompanyMark Buehrle leads the majors with 10 wins.
Baffoe: How Not To Make A Baseball Hall Of Fame Voting ArgumentHere is what so many voters like Simmons fail to understand. The Hall of Fame is a museum, and voters are being asked to choose what players get highlighted in that museum. Museums are supposed to represent—accurately—history.
Sosa Says He And McGwire Belong In Hall Of FameSlammin' Sammy also said the Chicago Cubs should retire his number.
Roger Clemens Signs Minor League ContractWith his legal problems in the rear-view mirror, Roger Clemens is returning to baseball.
Wisch: Why Baseball’s Hall Of Fame Needs Its Own ‘Death Penalty’With a slew of all-time greats in their first year of eligibility for Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame, the summer of 2013 should be a banner one for Cooperstown.
Wisch: Cooperstown Deserves Better Than Roger ClemensAs a kid, the guy was my favorite player, so I’m certainly biased. But when it comes to keeping score of the all-time greatest Hall of Fame induction speeches, I think Ryne Sandberg’s wins in a rout.
Clemens: Feds ‘Went Around The World’ To Try To Convict MeA day after being acquitted on federal perjury charges, former major league pitcher Roger Clemens joined SportsRadio 610 in Houston to talk about the trial away from the courtroom for the first time.
Baffoe: Put Clemens In Your Tainted Hall Of Fame, WritersScrew your pretend scruples, writers. Put in the best, no matter how bitter it tastes, and move on.
Clemens Found Not Guilty Former Major League pitcher Roger Clemens has been found not guilty of all charges in the federal perjury trial against him.
Busted: Actor Lies On Letterman About Playing Baseball With ClemensSure, we've all told little white lies to make our stories sound better than they truly are.
Verlander Wins AL MVP; 1st Starter In 25 YearsDetroit's Justin Verlander has become the first starting pitcher in a quarter-century to win a Most Valuable Player award, adding it to his Cy Young Award last week.

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