American Swimmer Jimmy Feigen: Brazilian Authorities Wanted $46K From Me For My Passport ReturnFeigen eventually paid a fine of $10,800 to get his passport back following a drunken incident that included Ryan Lochte.
Speedo Becomes First Major Sponsor To Drop Ryan LochteLochte's drunken incident in Rio will cost him money.
Ryan Lochte Apologizes For Not Being More Candid About Incident"This was a situation that could and should have been avoided," Lochte says. "I accept responsibility for my role in this happening."
Brazil Police Official: Ryan Lochte Made Up Story About RobberyLochte and three fellow swimmers had a confrontation with a security guard at a gas station but never had a gun pointed at them, the official says.
Rio Judge Orders Passport Held For Ryan Lochte, But His Dad Says He's Already Back In U.S.There's a lot of confusion over Ryan Lochte's claim that he was mugged at gunpoint in Rio.
Michael Phelps Ends Retirement, Eyes Rio OlympicsPhelps will swim in late April, the first step in a return path to the Olympics.
Ryan Lochte: 'I Think Phelps Will Be Back For Rio'Decorated Olympian Michael Phelps claims he's swam his last Olympic race.
Ryan Lochte's Mother: Son Only Has Time For One Night StandsWhile the majority of the swimming world has long focused on Michael Phelps, rising star Ryan Lochte is beginning to catch the eye of the media.
French Get Revenge For 2008 Relay Loss To U.S.Ryan Lochte grabbed at the edge of the pool, head down, staring at the water. Michael Phelps glared at the scoreboard, trying to digest the first silver medal of his Olympic career. Right beside them, the French celebrated.
2012 London Games Pregame PlaylistAs Team USA gears up for the biggest sporting events of their lives in London, they need some motivation to push themselves in ways they never have before. Our Olympians use music to push their training to the next level in every workout and warmup. Get into the minds of our mightiest athletes by taking a peek at their Pregame Playlists.

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