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Sara Lugardo

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Chicago Businesswoman Makes It Her Mission To Help Women Gain Confidence

When many people think of a degree in psychology or counseling, it can be difficult to predict how the degree will translate into a real-world career.


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Job Opportunities In Chicago’s Criminal Justice Industry Abound

For those looking to go into the field of criminal justice, advanced education opens many doors.


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Best Easter Events For Kids In Chicago

While Easter may not get all of the glory in children’s eyes like Christmas and Halloween, it can definitely become one of your child’s favorite holidays. Take the kids out to some themed events and Easter will quickly rank high on the favorite holidays list.


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Best Boozy Brunches In Chicago

Brunch may not always be the meal that gets the most attention, but some Chicago restaurants definitely think that should change. Check out some brunch hotspots to get your eat and drink on without breaking the bank.


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Degree In Education Leads To Career Outside Of A Classroom For Chicago COO

Admissionado COO Lauren Herskovic offers insight into career opportunities in education outside of being a teacher in the classroom.


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Chicago Nurse Invested In Her Career By Obtaining A Master’s Degree

The medical profession has a multitude of career opportunities, especially for those who seek to obtain an advanced degree.


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Consulting Firm In Chicago Helps To Improve Productivity For Businesses

Joshua Coleman, CEO of Momentum Advanced Planning, gives some insight into how he was able to use his degree in business to find a successful consulting firm in Chicago.



Best Stores To Get Shaving Supplies In Chicago

Shaving is an essential element in keeping a properly groomed face for men. Chicago offers a number of places to obtain shaving supplies, whether it’s for everyday maintenance, as a novelty or as a gift purchase.


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Chicago Professional Utilizes Her Advanced Degree To Keep Up With New Technologies

Engineer believes that staying on the cutting edge of technological advances requires sound, continuous education.


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President Of Chicago Tutoring Company Used Education In Social Sciences To Help Others Learn

John Rood is a great example of how he used his degree in social sciences to establish an organization intended to support and guide students to obtain a higher education.


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University Professor Uses Criminal Justice Degree To Educate Other Chicagoans

Eric Thompson of College of DuPage leveraged training and education to achieve continuous career advancement.


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Best Pottery Painting Classes For Kids In Chicago

Pottery painting classes offer a great way to turn your painting into a great keepsake for the house. Whether it’s a mug, plate or ornament, children can make the best keepsakes through their imagination and creativity.


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Best Cover Bands In Chicago

Put the DJ on the back burner and check out one of Chicago’s best cover bands instead.


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Chicago Principal Uses Advanced Education Degree In Early Childhood Education

Having experience in both private and public school systems is a definite advantage, but Chicago principal Lynn Lawrence attributes most of her success to her own educational background.


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Nurse Uses Advanced Degree In The Fight Against Children’s Diabetes In Chicago

Rosemary Briars is the co-program director at Chicago Children’s Diabetes Center and has offered some advice on how to use an advanced degree in nursing to battle against children’s diabetes.


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Experience With Helping Others Has Uplifted Chicago Companies And Communities

A business degree can often be thought of as a general education for many. But Jeff Carpenter shows us how he utilized his degree in business to not only help other businesses to succeed, but help them thrive.


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Best Spring Break Activities For Kids In Chicago

Spring break may not be the full summer vacation that many kids count down to but it still holds some great expectations in their minds. As a parent, choose the right activities to stimulate their bodies and minds and make the most out of their time off from school.


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Best Bars With A Rotating Beer Menu In Chicago

Keeping things fresh and interesting is one way to keep a menu alive, especially in a city like Chicago. Check out some bars with a rotating beer menu and try something new that might become a new favorite.


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Guide To Chicago’s Public Transportation

Getting around the city can be difficult due to the traffic, winding roads and constant construction. Let go of the stress and take advantage of the many different options for public transportation in Chicago.


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Best Pet Rescue Shelters In Chicago

Rescuing an animal can be a great way to give a home to a needy pet and add to the love in your family. Chicago rescue shelters offer a safe and comfortable environment for their rescues and provide some great options for prospective pet owners.