Saving Money

Pile of cash (CBS)

Survive This Economy: Be A Financial Role Model For Your Kids

Your kids are watching — that’s the reminder for parents from a financial expert who said, when it comes to money, and surviving this economy, you’re a role model for your kids, even if you don’t realize it.

CBS 2–09/25/2012

Neely Saving Lesson

Englewood Students Get Lesson On Saving Money

A group of 3rd graders at Charles R. Henderson Elementary School in the Englewood neighborhood got a lesson in saving on Tuesday.

CBS Chicago–04/24/2012

A leaking pipe for Marcus Wright's kitchen sink could force him to replace damaged insulation, drywall, tiles, and kitchen cabinets. Insurance will cover most of the costs, but he'll have to pay a $1,000 deductible. (Credit: CBS)

Survive This Economy: Saving Now Can Pay Off When Unexpected Costs Hit Later

It’s tough being on a financial diet, but when the unexpected happens – as the Wright family just discovered – the pain in your wallet isn’t so bad, if you’ve been good.

CBS 2–03/13/2012