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State May Take Over School Districts In North Chicago, East St. Louis

The school districts in North Chicago and downstate East St. Louis are a step away from a state takeover.

WBBM Newsradio–06/21/2012

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Big Raises Mean Big Pension Penalties At Suburban Schools

Suburban school districts are pushing back hard against a 2005 state law that was meant to rein in Illinois’ skyrocketing pension costs.

CBS Chicago–04/13/2012

Illinois State Capitol

Conservative Group Presents Alternative State Budget Plan

A conservative think tank has proposed an alternative state budget that would cut wages for state employees by 10 percent; require retired workers to pay for their own health care premiums; and force local school districts to fund teacher pensions, instead of the state.

CBS Chicago–03/08/2012

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Quinn Announces $623M In Construction Funds For Schools

More than 30 Illinois school districts will split $623 million in state construction funding to repair and update aging facilities, under a program announced Thursday.

CBS Chicago–02/16/2012

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State Awards Nearly $900,000 For School Arts Programs

Programs that some would call “extras” could make a difference for Illinois’ young people.

CBS Chicago–02/16/2012

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan

Madigan: School Districts Should Start Contributing To Teacher Pensions

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says local school districts haven’t been paying into their teachers’ retirement systems, and he thinks it may be high time that they did.

CBS Chicago–01/24/2012

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Illinois Leads Nation In Single-School Districts

Nearly one-quarter of Illinois school districts contain just a single school, and they spend significantly more to educate each child.


Gov. Pat Quinn (AP Photo/Seth Perlman)

Quinn Criticized For Plan To Merge School Districts

Gov. Pat Quinn is drawing criticism for a proposal to cut the state’s costs by merging school districts.

CBS Chicago–03/03/2011

Gov. Pat Quinn Budget Address

Governor Pushing For Merger Of School Districts

Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed a plan to merge the state’s current 868 school districts into no more than 300, a move aimed at saving $100 million.


Gov. Pat Quinn Budget Address

Quinn Wants To Borrow Billions, Consolidate School Districts

With an income tax hike already in effect, Gov. Pat Quinn has presented a budget plan that would not raise any new taxes or fees, but would still cut state aide to the poor, reduce a number of services and borrow billions of dollars to pay overdue bills.

CBS Chicago–02/16/2011