Thieves Stealing Sewer Grates In West Chicago

Someone is stealing sewer grates in West Chicago neighborhoods and that’s bad news for cars, bikes and those on foot.


Catalytic converter (CBS)

Vehicles Stripped Of Catalytic Converters In Brazen Daytime Thefts

One victim learned that replacing the converter will cost an estimated $1,800. The thief will probably get less than $200 when he sells the stolen device, CBS 2’s Mike Parker reports.



Police Believe They Have Cracked Manhole Cover Theft Case

Police believe they’ve solved the case of stolen manhole covers and sewer grates in Joliet and nearby communities.


Police say (from left) Javier Garcia-Cruz; Anthony McMorries; and Jose Sanchez stole cars with tow trucks and sold parts and scrap metal from the vehicles. (Chicago Police Department)

Cops Bust Tow Truck Drivers For Stealing, Scrapping Vehicles

Three area men have been busted for stealing cars off the streets of Chicago with tow trucks and stripping their parts for cash, police said Thursday in announcing “Operation Hook ‘Em Up.”