Sean Hannity Denies Being A Client Of Michael CohenFox News host, and Trump supporter, Sean Hannity is defending his ties to Michael Cohen, President Trump's personal attorney. Hannity was named as Cohen's client during a court hearing following an FBI raid.
Keurig Protest Sparked After Company Pulls 'Hannity' AdsKeurig's decision to pull ads from Sean Hannity's Fox News show has led to his supporters protesting the decision by smashing their coffee makers and an apology from the company CEO.
Opinion: Stop, Michelle Obama! The Children Are HungryIn recent decades, the government has taken to feeding needy children to combat the negativity of trying to learn while being hungry. Now, with new Obama administration regulations on school lunches, we have a government that is causing hunger.
Opinion: '2016: Obama's America' Movie Is Disturbingly NecessaryIf you know you’re not going to blindly support the “left” in this coming election, see the movie '2016: Obama's America'. But, fair warning, it’s disturbing – and quite frightening – to say the least.

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