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A customer purchases an AK-47 style rifle for about $1200 at Freddie Bear Sports sporting goods store on December 17, 2012 in Tinley Park, Illinois (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Waukegan Rejects Assault Weapons Ban

Facing a state-mandated deadline for communities to adopt firearm regulations prior to the implementation of Illinois’ new concealed-carry law, the council voted to follow overall state statute on firearms and not enact any extra measures.


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Gun Owners Ask Courts To Let Them Carry Firearms In Public Right Away

Despite Tuesday’s dramatic concealed-carry victory at the Statehouse, gun-rights advocates headed back into federal court Wednesday to object to the pace at which the state intends to carry out the new law and to seek immediate authority to begin carrying their firearms in public places.


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Guns In Your Home: A Statistical Accident Waiting To Happen

Over 70 percent of the time a minor is killed by a gun, the gun used was housed in that minor’s own home.


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Mayor Seeks To Tweak Gun Ordinance In Wake Of Court Ruling

Updated 06/25/12 – 1:46 p.m. CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel will seek to revise the city’s gun control ordinance, after a federal judge ruled part of the 2010 law is unconstitutional. The mayor said […]


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State Supreme Court: Assault Weapons Ban Challenge Can Go Ahead

The Illinois Supreme Court has ruled that a challenge to the Cook County assault weapons ban may proceed, reversing a lower court decision.

CBS Chicago–04/05/2012

Another Concealed Carry Bill Passes Out Of State House Committee

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — As it does every year, a concealed carry bill surfaced in a state House committee and passed – but its future is, again, uncertain. As WBBM Newsradio’s Alex Degman reports, state […]

CBS Chicago–03/07/2012

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Gun Rights Group Takes Fight For Concealed Carry To Higher Court

A gun rights group is appealing after a downstate federal judge ruled against allowing Illinois to carry concealed weapons.

CBS Chicago–02/07/2012

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Illinois Supreme Court Weighing Cook County Assault Weapon Ban

The Illinois Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday on an attempt to overturn Cook County’s ban on so-called assault weapons.

WBBM Newsradio–01/18/2012

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Illinois GOP Congressman Pushes For Federal Concealed Carry Law

Members of the Republican Congressional delegation in Illinois hope to get around state lawmakers’ unwillingness to pass concealed carry legislation, by means of federal law.

CBS Chicago–12/09/2011

A .38 Caliber Pistol. (CBS)

Elderly Man Suing City Over Denial Of Firearm Permit

A Chicago man is suing the city and the Chicago Police Department for denying him the right to legally own a gun in the city.

CBS 2–08/16/2011