Shooting Spree

Jerad and Amanda Miller (Booking photos provided by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department via Getty Images)

Couple Responsible For Vegas Shooting Spree Recently Lived In Indiana

The husband and wife who gunned down two Las Vegas police officers and a shopper at a Las Vegas strip mall on Sunday lived in Lafayette, Indiana, before moving to Nevada in January.


Smoke pours from the roof of a house in Oak Lawn, where four people were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide on Wednesday. (Credit: CBS)

Police ‘May Never Know’ Why Man Killed Parents, Nephew, Then Himself

Police said the gunman had no history of mental illness. He recently spent a year in Russia as a potato farmer, but detectives have not found anything that happened in the last few days to set off the deadly rampage.


Police in Georgia are searching for triple murder suspect Robert Bell, who they said might be headed to Chicago. (Credit: Gwinnett County Police)

Georgia Triple Murder Suspect Might Be Heading To Chicago

CBS Atlanta reports Bell is suspected of fatally shooting 34-year-old Angelina Benton; her 12-year-old son, Joseph McDonald; and a 19-year-old family friend, Raynard Daniel.


Brian Dorian

Wrongly Accused Officer Breaks His Silence

The Lynwood police officer who was wrongly accused of murder in the two-state “honeybee shooting spree” in October has broken his silence now that it appears the real killer is dead.


Beecher Suspect New Sketch

Trail Cold In Hunt For State Line Spree Killer?

Has the trail gone cold, in the search for the suspect who went on a fatal two-state shooting spree?

CBS Chicago–10/28/2010

Brian Dorian

Lynwood Cop Advised To Sue Over Mistaken Arrest

Brian Dorian’s boss had some advice for the Lynwood cop charged with gunning down three men in a two-state shooting spree: Sue Will County.


Beecher Suspect New Sketch

Killer Still On Loose In Two-State Shooting Spree

In light of the dropped murder charges against Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian for a two-state shooting spree, there is still a killer on the loose.

CBS 2–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

How Can An Eyewitness Be So Wrong?

“Eyewitnesses are overrated as evidence of a person’s guilt.”

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Charges Dropped Against Lynwood Cop Brian Dorian

Prosecutors have dropped murder charges against Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian, who had been arrested last week as the suspect in a bi-state shooting spree.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2010

Brian Dorian

Murder Charges Dropped Against Lynwood Cop

Murder charges were dropped against a Lynwood police officer accused of a deadly two-state shooting spree.

CBS Chicago–10/12/2010

Brian Dorian

Cop Pleads Not Guilty To Deadly Shooting Spree

The Lynwood police officer charged in the so-called “State Line” murder case has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder.

CBS Chicago–10/12/2010

Brian Dorian

Cop Scheduled For Court In Fatal Shooting Spree

A south suburban police officer charged in a fatal two-state shooting spree is expected to appear at the Will County Courthouse in Wheaton for a bond hearing Tuesday.


Beecher Shooting Scene

Shooting Spree Suspect’s Arrest Brings Shock, Relief

Friday’s arrest of a suburban police officer for a shooting spree that left one person dead and two others wounded brought a sense of relief to the victims and their families.

CBS 2–10/08/2010

Brian Dorian

Lynwood Cop Charged In Two-State Shooting Spree

A Lynwood police officer is being held on $2.5 million bond in a two-state shooting spree, which left a man dead and two others wounded in Illinois and Indiana.


Beecher Suspect New Sketch

New Sketch Of Shooting Suspect Released

Law enforcement officials are forming a bi-state task force to search for the killer who shot three people in Illinois and Indiana earlier this week.


Sketch of Beecher Gunman

Manhunt For Gunman On Shooting Spree Goes Nationwide

The search continues for an armed and dangerous suspect responsible for a shooting spree in southern Will County and Northwest Indiana.