An Archer Heights sidewalk is covered in snow and ice more than two weeks after a blizzard. (CBS)

Blizzard Long Gone, But Snow And Ice Remain On Sidewalks

Sidewalks around 51st and Karlov remain encrusted with ice and snow, forcing pedestrians to use the street. CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.


Some sidewalks remain unshoveled in Bronzeville. (CBS)

Days After Blizzard, Absentee Owners Still Neglecting Sidewalks

Some Bronzeville residents complain that the city hasn’t cracked down on absentee owners. CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports.


U.S. postal carrier trudges through snow in Chicago. (CBS)

Letter Carriers: Please Make Sure Walks, Stairs Are Cleared Of Snow

Each step Theresa Walker takes to deliver mail carries danger. CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports.


A wheelchair-user tries to navigate a snowy sidewalk Thursday. (CBS)

Lingering Snow, Ice Present Obstacles To People With Disabilities

It’s hard enough navigating snow-clogged streets and sidewalks when you don’t have a disability. When you have one, it can be very difficult to get around, CBS 2’s Chris Martinez reports.


Side streets that haven't been plowed, or were only plowed once during the blizzard, have left driving treacherous in some neighborhoods, where side streets are covered in hard-packed snow. (Credit: CBS)

Many Side Streets, Sidewalks Still A Snowy Mess

As of late Monday night, city officials said approximately 90 percent of the city’s side streets had been plowed at least once since the blizzard hit. However, there was still a lot of work to do to get the city’s side streets cleared of snow. In addition, many sidewalks have not been shoveled once since the start of the snowstorm.


A  torn up sidewalk at the corner of Fullerton and Seminary Avenues. 
 (Credit: Justin Reash)

Chicago’s Crumbling Sidewalks Exposed By DePaul Students

Chicagoans hear a lot about potholes and how the city is filling thousands of them to make the streets safer for motorists. What about the sidewalks?


Snow still hasn't been shoveled on this block in River North. (Credit: CBS)

City Official Urges Neighbors To Keep Snowy Sidewalks Passable

Yes, 3-1-1 system director Audrey Mathis concedes, sometimes city snowplows make the job tougher by dumping snow at corners.


Snow still hasn't been shoveled on this block in River North. (Credit: CBS)

Some Businesses Aren’t Shoveling Sidewalks In Front Of Their Property

The law says you have to shovel the sidewalks in front of your property CBS 2’s Chris Martinez went to find out if that’s happening.



Teen Caught Taking New Year’s Morning Joyride On Libertyville Lawns

A teen from Libertyville has found himself in police custody, after ringing in the new year by driving onto sidewalks and people’s lawns.

CBS Chicago–01/04/2012

Despite fixing 971 sidewalks and replacing 172 blocks of sidewalks in 2010, thousands of other cracked, damaged and crumbling sidewalks went unfixed in 2010. (Credit: CBS)

Thousands Of Crumbling Sidewalks Going Unfixed

It’s not hard to find cracked, broken and crumbling sidewalks in Chicago. Just about every neighborhood has problem and sometimes dangerous sidewalks and it’s likely to get worse with budget cutbacks threatened by the mayor.

CBS 2–09/20/2011

Car dealership (Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images)

City Council Committee Advises Crackdown On Sidewalk Auto Displays

A City Council committee wants to penalize car dealers who display their vehicles on public sidewalks and parkways.

CBS Chicago–09/07/2011

An unidentified South Side street after the Blizzard of 2011. (Credit: Keno/Photo via email)

Chicago Residents Reminded To Shovel Their Sidewalks

With the Blizzard of 2011 behind us, the city is reminding residents to shovel their sidewalks.


School Arrival

CPS To Make Up Snow Day Next Friday

Chicago Public Schools students might have been elated to get two days off because of the blizzard, but they’ll have to give one of those days back next week.

CBS Chicago–02/04/2011

Ice Crystals On A Window. (AP Photo)

Icy Sidewalks Making For Dangerous Conditions

It’s another tough day for pedestrians trying to navigate their way along slick, icy Chicago sidewalks.

WBBM Newsradio–01/19/2011