Krista Easom was treated for complications from melanoma with new therapies. (CBS)

Woman Benefits From Less Invasive Melanoma Treatment

Krista Easom found a bump on her foot and just wanted it removed. Doctors did that, tested the tissue and found out that it was malignant melanoma, the leading cause of skin cancer in the U.S. CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports.


An Erbium laser helps skin rejuvenate itself. (CBS)

Under Laser Procedure, Face Renews Itself With Younger-Looking Skin

As CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports, the newest generation of laser therapy can take years off your face.


A CFL bulb (CBS)

CFL Bulbs Conserve Energy, But Are They Dangerous?

As CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist reports, new research shows that these bulbs can emit UV radiation.


Winter can be particularly harsh on your skin. (CBS)

How To Help Your Skin Fend Off The Harshness Of Winter

In winter, low humidity outdoors combined with dry indoor heat robs skin of moisture. CBS 2’s Mary Kay Kleist offers some tips to beat the season.


(CBS File Photo)

Which Foods Can Help Your Skin Look Better

Forget buying expensive creams and lotions, the key to good skin could be a simple tweak to your diet. Experts say that what you eat has a big effect on how you look.

CBS 2–07/13/2011

DermaSweep Skin Care Procedure

Get Smoother Skin Without Surgery Or Needles

There’s a new way to get smooth, younger looking skin without surgery or needles. It’s a treatment called DermaSweep.

CBS 2–11/23/2010