North Suburb Offers Skunk 'Bounty'Vernon Hills is offering homeowners cash for skunks caught on private property, amid an explosion of the animals.      
North Suburb Gets SkunkedSome in Vernon Hills are calling their north suburb “Vermin Hills.”
Meet Your New Neighbors, Chicago -- SkunksIf you’ve spotted skunks in Chicago, you might want to get used to them, even if you do want to keep your distance. It seems they’re getting used to the urban lifestyle.
Spring Weather Also Means Return Of Skunk SeasonThe smells of rain and fresh grass aren't the only signs of spring. The strong aroma of skunk is frequently in the air.
Vernon Hills Residents Complaining Of Skunk ProblemHave you noticed something different in the air this fall? An abundance of black and white critters creating an eye watering stench?
Skunks Making A Big Stink In Northeastern IllinoisSkunks – it’s what the stink's all about. In the northern suburbs – skunks are making a big stink.
Animal Expert: More Skunks Living In Chicago AreaWet weather at the beginning of the year has led to an increase in skunk sightings across the Chicago area according to the urban ecology curator at the Notebaert Nature Museum.
Skunks Causing Stinky Problem Across Chicago AreaChicago area residents are having a real problem with skunks, and they are not alone.

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