Snarf's workers will receive a month of back pay and the opportunity to get their jobs back. (Credit: Regine Schlesinger)

Snarf’s Reaches Agreement With Workers Fired By Email Days Before Christmas

The Snarf’s chain of sandwich shops has reached a settlement with 14 workers who were fired by email, just days before Christmas.


Laid-off Snarf's worker Kevin Brown and other demonstrators outside Snarf's at the Prudential Bldg..(Credit: Steve Miller)

Employees Laid Off By Email Days Before Christmas Protest Outside Of Snarf’s

Snarfs sandwich shop employees who were laid off by email – three days before Christmas – demonstrated outside the company’s Prudential Plaza location at noon today.


Snarf's is closed in River North. (CBS)

Restaurant-Chain Boss Sorry About Mass Layoff Right Before Christmas

The top executive for a restaurant chain that abruptly fired nearly 20 of its Chicago workers right before the holidays – by email – has apologized for the “insensitive and poorly planned” way it was handled.


Snarf's is closed in River North. (CBS)

Sandwich Shop Fires Its Employees — By Email — Right Before Christmas

The move comes three weeks after Snarf’s employees went on strike for higher wages.